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TSMC 2018 campus recruitment information and internship program

TSMC 2018 campus recruitment information and internship program


2018 Campus Recruiting (target group - fresh graduates)

Because of the endless possibilities, I chose TSMC. Here you will see TSMC's tireless pursuit of technological excellence, manufacturing excellence, and customer service optimization. Join us and you will work with industry leaders and develop your potential through a complete learning development program and career planning. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy better overall pay than your peers and to explore the diversity and fun of TSMC's life and enjoy the balance between work and life.
Welcome "Like-minded" you, through the registration page prior login resume, qualify, may enjoy the right to interview priority Oh!
Petition form: University (or above) may be admitted to work in 2018, majoring in motor (sub), optoelectronics, mechanics, physics, materials, chemical engineering, engineering, finance, management, human resources, labor relations , Psychology and other related departments.
Application method: Please send your resume to the company's activity page
Curriculum Vitae URL:
2018 Internship Program (Target Ethnic Group - College Graduates / Masters / PhD Students)
Every year, we provide internship opportunities for students studying. During the internship period, each student will be assigned a project related to the field of study so that students can experience the workplace earlier and have further interaction with the TSMC team. In addition, IC design and IT related resumes Preemptive first instance, suitable for immediate arrangements for interviews, encourage students to resume as soon as possible online delivery, grasp the opportunities!
Petition form: During the internship must have the student identity, students can apply for, students will give priority to use
application time: From now until April 9, 2018
During the internship: Domestic universities from July 3, 2018, foreign universities from April 2018 onwards. (The above actual period can be adjusted flexibly)
Application method: Please send your resume to the company's activity page
Resume delivery URL:
Fill in the key reminder
1. Be sure to fill in the biographical information, including academic qualifications, professional keywords and autobiography information, if you are not a foreigner, in addition to professional keywords, the other fields please fill in all Chinese
2. Autobiographical and professional keyword fields have word limit (1000 words), please confirm fill in the number of words, so as to avoid the web page can not be successfully sent
3. If the history field is to provide menu, do not enter their own information, so as to avoid the information can not be sent


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