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The department started as a division of the department of electrical engineering in the year of 1964, as the first of education program in air-conditioning and refrigeration in Taiwan.
It now offers undergraduate, master and Ph.D. degree programs. The programs have objectives in:

  • Cultivating specialists and researchers in the areas of air-conditioning, refrigeration engineering.

  • Producing motivated and innovative engineers that are greatly needed in R&D.

  • Energy technology program as the minor study to broadened the knowledge base of the students.

  • This department originated from the refrigeration and air-conditioning division of the department of electrical engineering since 1964. It was then the first college level course in Taiwan in this area of study.

  • This department emphasizes collaboration with the industries; students are trained to meet the needs of the industry.

  • The department established the first ASHRAE student branch in Taiwan, the students are encouraged to participate in international conferences and activities.


Programs of Study:

14 full time faculty members, approximately 10 part time faculty members and 120 graduate students are involved in some research activities. The research activities include areas in: refrigeration, air-conditioning, cryogenics, clean room technology, vacuum technology, energy saving technology, thermal sciences, and environmental control, etc.

Teaching and research laboratories include those of fundamental refrigeration, air-conditioning systems, AC&R equipment, energy technology, clean room technology, vacuum technology, thermal systems, and refrigeration engineering. Research facilities and equipment include Computer software for thermal and flow dynamic simulation (Fluent, Phoenix, etc.)

Computer software for dynamic energy simulation of buildings, Cryo-freezer, laser particle counter, three-dimensional ultrasonic meters, clean rooms (class 1, class 1000), thermal chamber, mini-environment test chamber, SMIF and FOUP interface for semiconductor loading, ultrasonic flow meters, gas detector, electric power analyzer, etc.